Clipper conversion and FoxPro conversion to Windows

Computer programming. Clipper conversion. FoxPro conversion

Convert your legacy PC database application to a modern Windows platform. Maximize your investment by using existing data files and code. We specialize in Clipper conversion and FoxPro conversion, and in supporting your legacy application.

Even now in 2019 we work with companies of all sizes with mission-critical programs in Clipper and FoxPro that need to be migrated to a modern Windows interface and run in 64-bit Windows.

Legacy Clipper & FoxPro converted to Windows. Generally, we convert legacy programs to modern FoxPro or xHarbour, and thus can use your data files unchanged as well as some of the code. This leverages your investment. Any other approach is a complete rewrite and much more expensive.

Support for existing applications in all versions of Clipper, FoxPro, xHarbour, and other variants of xBase. Maybe you just need a few tweaks for your current app. We can do that.

Decompiling for Clipper and FoxPro. If you’ve lost your source code, we may be able to recover it for a flat rate of $75 per application. There is no charge if it cannot be decompiled.

Learn more about about Clipper conversion and FoxPro conversion and how we convert legacy applications to modern platforms. We do not have to be onsite to convert or support your application and can do our work remotely. Free estimates.

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