Decompiling FoxPro and Clipper

FoxPro and Clipper programs are created from source code files that are assembled into an executable program by compiling then linking the code to create an EXE that can be run without needing the source code. Decompiling FoxPro and Clipper recovers source code from EXEs by using specialized programs.

Over the course of years, Clipper and FoxPro source code often disappears or is out of date. Migrating these applications to Windows and the cloud is far easier is source code is available because then you can determine exactly what the application is doing.

We have decompilers for both FoxPro and Clipper. The FoxPro decompiler always works, assuming the code wasn’t encrypted.. The Clipper decompiler often will but doesn’t always. It depends on how the program was linked. We charge $75 to decompile and you only pay if it was successful.


  1. I wont to know the price of migrate my application wrote by clipper 5.2 to be under windows, if I dont have the source code any more. The application is used in my church for over 3 years. And how long the migrate prosess. I think the application will be able link to the internet, what kind of database should be there?. Thank you and sorry for my bad English.

    • Hello I have “PRG”-Files and “exe”-file compiled in clipper 5.2 with some DBF-files and suport with print in old matrix printer (LPT) , can you compile this program in windows platform in any compiler and with suport in USB printers,how long is the migrate prosess, how much is it.

      Best regards.

  2. Hi, my client doesnt alloud me to send the exe file, do you have some decompiler sw like rescue5 or Valkyrie for me? We accept some charge.
    best Regards, Dave.

  3. i want to decompile a exe file to prg. please give me how to give you file and payment
    or sent u exe file for decompile

  4. My Foxpro application is related to writing the test which will have questions, candidates will write the the test by enetering the correct answers. After writing the test and submit, will get the score report.

    In this we have different type of Dynamic Questions. We want to know the formula how they are doing the scoring for Dynamic Questions by cracking the FoxPro .exe file.

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