xHarbour runs Clipper applications in Windows as is

xHarbour compiles and runs Clipper code as a console applications in Windows  with few if any changes needed.The console application will look and feel like the Clipper application. However, it will be a true Windows application and will run in any version of Windows, including 64-bit. It will also be able to address USB printers, which DOS-based Clipper applications can not do.

Sometimes, this is all a client wants or needs, with the added benefit that no re-training is needed since the new xHarbour application performs exactly the same as the Clipper application.

xHarbour will only compile native Clipper code. Some Clipper applications used third party libraries of code for increased functionality. If so, that code may need to be rewritten.

With xHarbour, an existing Clipper application can be converted to Windows with minimal time and cost, assuming that a DOS look and feel is suitable for the purpose.

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