Clipper migration. FoxPro migration

Migrate your legacy application to Windows


We specialize in Clipper migration and FoxPro migration. And in 2023 we continue to migrate these legacy programs to 64-bit Windows.

Your new program will run on any version of Windows and print to any printer. It can have a modern GUI interface. Existing data files and some source code can be used. Importantly, this speeds up the process, cuts costs, and leverages your investment.

We offer a cost-effective way of moving aging FoxPro and Clipper applications to Windows.

Ongoing and recent projects include:

Convert visa tracking application to Windows for household name institution. The application tracks and prints visas for thousands of travelers each year. A team of twenty employees now process traveler information and itineraries.

Massachusetts manufacturer. The manufacturer was entering orders and printing invoices in a Clipper application. We converted it to modern FoxPro, added new functionality and an estimating module.

Support for existing FoxPro and Clipper programs

We support all versions of FoxPro and Clipper and can make whatever changes you might need to them. This includes new reports, screens, and functionality.

Clipper and FoxPro decompiling


If you’ve lost your Clipper or Foxpro source code and are panicking, we can help! Our decompiler services can recover source code from the executable. We decompile Clipper and FoxPro applications within 24 hours and email you the source code. The cost is $75. You can pay using PayPal. There is no charge if it won’t decompile.

Not all programs can be decompiled. The decompiling price does not include recompiling.

FoxPro is generally easy to recompile. Unfortunately, Clipper often is not. It depends on how it was orginally compiled and linked. Plus, we must have all third-party LIBs used in the original Clipper program. Without them, recompiling is impossible. Contact us for more information.

Data conversion

We convert Clipper and FoxPro data files to whatever format you want. Our data conversion page has full details.

Free estimates

We will examine your source code and provide an free estimate.

Email or call / text us at 310 600-5237 for more information.