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We design and maintain WordPress websites. We can help you create and build a website, maintain it, speed it up, and take advantage of the big ongoing changes in WordPress called Gutenberg. 

Be ready for Gutenberg

WordPress has replacing their aging Classic editor with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor called Gutenberg. There is a learning curve. However things that were difficult or impossible to do in the Classic editor become easy to do in Gutenberg.

You can still use the Classic editor if you want and everything will work fine, so no worries. However, why would you want to? Plugins like Atomic Blocks and Caxton for the Gutenberg editor add even more power. This is the future of WordPress. Gutenberg technology will soon be implemented for themes, plugins, and menus. With Gutenberg, WordPress is ready for the next 15 years of the web. So, you need to be ready too. We can help with the process.

Gutenberg may break things on sites with older themes and plugins. Thus, sites need to be checked to insure they are ready for Gutenberg. The process is simple and straightforward. Incompatible plugins and themes are upgraded to current versions when possible and replacements are found if they cannot be upgraded. Most of the time it’s just a couple of hours of work.

Speed up your WordPress site

Speeding up sites is done by optimizing the disk cache, Javascript, CSS, and HTML, perhaps adding a mobile theme, activating AMP to speed up mobile page loading, and testing to see if plugins or the theme are slowing down the site. We handle the technical details.

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We designed, manage, or advise these websites.

The Foodery. Cooking classes, recipes, team building, private dinners in Los Angeles.

Consumers United For Fairness. Consumer advocacy.

Bike Improve. Bike shop in Santa Monica CA.

Inspire Leadership Today. Management Consultant, Hartford CT area.

Judy Hevenly. Psychic in Los Angeles. Social media and email list helps bring new clients.

Law Offices of Robert Havens. Worker’s compensation lawyer. Los Angeles. Informational articles about worker’s comp bring hundreds of hits a day, which is unusually high for a site like this.

Ann Dunn Violin. Violin Teacher. Google Adwords targeted to the geographical area drives traffic to the site.

Cara Scissoria Greeting Cards. WordPress e-commerce using Woo Commerce to sell greeting cards. (On hiatus from selling currently)

Politics in the Zeros. Personal political blog.

Suburban Guerrilla. Politics.

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