Data conversion

Data Conversion services

Maybe you’re going from one accounting system to another. Or you need to pull information from your customer file, merge that with data from someplace else and then do a mail merge. If so, you need a data conversion – which is the process of pulling data from one source (or sources) and converting to another format, usually after cleaning up the data, like deleting duplicates entries and putting addresses into the same format.

We have done numerous conversions. Past projects include:

  • Clipper and FoxPro data files to text, Excel, and other formats. We can convert all versions of DBF files and their memo fields,including Flexfile.
  • Clarion databases to Excel.
  • Mainframe text files to FoxPro
  • SQL to Dbase7
  • Numerous conversions of accounting system software.
  • Converting name and address data from multiple formats to a single new format.
  • Searching through large amounts of text for specific patterns or data then writing it out to a new format.

Data conversion can be done remotely. You send us the data. We convert it and send back the new data.